Songs for Scotland and the Alasdair Gray Scholarship Trust — the future

I have been scarce on social media lately. The reason is I have been busy behind the scenes, concerting plans for the next Songs for Scotland event and the further development of the Alasdair Gray Scholarship Trust. For more on that, please see the ‘Home’ page on this blog.

Plans for another event, like the last one on 29 November, 2016, are in development. This time around we would like to disburse several Alasdair Gray bursaries to talented young people. Towards this end, Alasdair has provided a group of signed, limited edition art works to assist with fundraising: please see ‘Alasdair Gray art works for sale’ on this blog.

As a part of this initiative we expect to set up special exhibitions of Alasdair’s work. Also, I am in discussions with funding entities about possibly contributing to the bursary fund. The intent is to turn the Alasdair Gray Scholarship Trust into a long term, institutional reality; and an ongoing, supplementary source of educational funding for our young people engaged in the study of Scottish culture.

To keep abreast of developments, check back or follow this blog.


Kevin Brown

‘Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.’



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